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By: Cliff John, Trail Grid Pro

If you’re anything like me, you love your Toyota 4Runner. It’s a excellent time-tested vehicle made by the one of the best auto manufacturers in the world. The 4Runner is also a heavily and easily modded ride, which gives each of the ability to make our 4Runner our own. We often spend a lot of time and money on lifts, tires, gear and other exterior work – but I think it’s time we start spending a little more attention to our Toyota 4Runner audio system.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have revolutionized the mobile audio experience. Whether you like fast cars, big trucks or even a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you can now enjoy the technological conveniences of the Apple and Android mobile audio interfaces. But, this is a place all about Toyota 4Runners so I’ll stay on topic.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto in your 4Runner

Let’s face it, Toyota was very late in the game to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in their native audio interfaces as they rolled off the assembly line. The first Toyota 4Runner produced with full-featured CarPlay and Android Auto was in model year 2020. Why is that late? I’ll put it in perspective. The first auto manufacturer to put Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in their vehicle (that wasn’t a Ferrari – they were actually first to add CarPlay in 2014) was Hyundai and they did it all the way back in 2015. Yes, that’s only a five year difference, but five years in technology-years is basically the same as dog-years. So, let me check my math … ah, yes … five technology-years is the equivalent of an entire lifetime. That’s a long time.

So, what did this do to 2019-down Toyota 4Runner owners? Well, a lot them wish they had Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. Especially 2019 owners. Ouch.

2020+ Toyota 4Runner Owners

I was lucky. While I’ve wanted a 4Runner for a long time, I didn’t get my first until January 2020. To say I’m in love with it is a complete understatement. I love it so much I decided to start a company to make it easier to shop for parts and accessories for your Toyota 4Runner (insert Trail Grid Pro, circa August 2020). I’ve made quite a few mods to the Runner, as documented all over the site, and plan to do many more.

Here’s some shots of my rig:

Trail Grid Pro 4Runner

I remember the day I went to test drive the seemingly only Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro on the entire East Coast. Or, maybe they just want us to think that. Who knows. Anyway, I showed up and was immediately obsessed. I loved the interior as much as the exterior. I has read online that many people consider the interior of 4Runners to be old and out-dated, and while I slightly understand their angle (it’s been largely the same interior since 2009), Toyota continues to sell more and more 4Runners every year since the 5th Generation was released in 2009, so they must be doing something right.

What's The Point?

My point in telling you all of this is that I knew the 2020 4Runner had Apple CarPlay & Android Auto (I did my research) before I even went to the dealership. It’s a really important feature to me. For those that have ditched the auto-manufacturer’s native navigation systems and interfaces, and own an Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatible vehicle or aftermarket set-up, you know what I’m talking about. What I didn’t know is that if I would have bought the same really expensive SUV (insert stomach cramps) in 2019 – not only would I not have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but I would have a 6.2″ screen versus the 8″ given to 2020+ owners.

(pictured below: 2020 Toyota 4Runner audio on left, 2019 Toyota 4Runner audio on right)

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Is Not In Your 4Runner

I’ve had a wonderful working relationship with Sony Corporation for several years now. I previously worked with Sony in the Harley-Davidson motorcycle world. Essentially, sort of like Toyota, Harley-Davidson added Apple CarPlay to their Harley infotainment systems in 2019. Wait, did you hear that … yep, Harley-Davidson added Apple CarPlay before Toyota did to the 4Runner, lol.

Okay, back on point – the minute Harley-Davidson announced they’d be adding Apple CarPlay to their 2019 Touring motorcycle line-up, everyone with a 2018 and down touring bike were chomping at the bit to get their hands on today’s technology. Fortunately, by working with Sony we came up with some pretty awesome solutions for Harley riders to get the audio experience they were looking for.

So, that puts 2019 and down Toyota 4Runner owners in the exact same position. 2020+ owners have it, 2019- owners do not.

Sony Plug & Play Bundles For 2010 - 2019 4Runners

Sony 8000 4Runner Bundle
Sony 7000 4Runner Charcoal
Sony Plug & Play Bundle - Toyota 4Runner
Sony 8000 4Runner Bundle

We have a Toyota 4Runner audio solution for you. We’ve partnered with Sony Corporation, PAC Audio & Metra Electronics to bring 2010 – 2019 Toyota 4Runner owners a completely plug and play solution that you can install yourself in one to two hours. Our bundles give you all the technological conveniences you’re craving like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and WebLink screen-mirroring – all on a 6.95″ capacitive touch-screen.

The kit easily maintains your steering-wheel controls, rear back-up camera (if applicable) and works flawlessly whether you have a JBL amplified system or the factory base system. We even include a USB adapter kit so you can maintain your factory USB location in your rig.

Currently, we have three Sony bundle options for 2010 – 2019 4Runner owners:

  • Sony XAV-AX8100 Plug & Play Bundle 2010 – 2019 4Runner Bundle –  includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, WebLink screen-mirroring, 100w x 4 internal amplifier, 8.95″ anti-glare capacitive touchscreen and a 3-year warranty. Maintains steering wheel controls, rear back-up camera (if applicable), Sirius/XM and more!
  • Sony XAV-AX7000 Plug & Play 2010 – 2019 4Runner Bundleincludes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, WebLink screen-mirroring, 100w x 4 internal amplifier, 6.95″ anti-glare capacitive touchscreen and a 3-year warranty. Maintains steering wheel controls, rear back-up camera (if applicable), Sirius/XM and more!

  • Sony XAV-AX5500 Plug & Play 2010 – 2019 4Runner Bundle includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, WebLink screen-mirroring, 55w x 4 internal power, 6.95″ capacitive touchscreen and a 3-year warranty. Maintains steering wheel controls, rear back-up camera (if applicable), Sirius/XM and more!

Why Do I Want to Install My 4Runner Sony Audio System?

Maybe you don’t. But, here’s a few reasons why you should consider it:

  • We Have Easy-to-Follow Installation Videos – to date, we’ve shot two full installation videos. The first video was in a 2011 Toyota 4Runner SR5 and the second was in a 2014 Toyota 4Runner Limited. The point of the two is to show you the bundle works flawlessly whether you have a 2010 – 2019 Toyota 4Runner SR5, Trail, Limited, Nightshade, TRD Off road, TRD Pro, etc.!

  • You Probably Already Have The Tools You Need – all you need to complete the install is a 10mm socket-wrench, a small Flathead screwdriver and a small Phillips head screwdriver. A small pair of scissors or a blade may come in handy if you need to remove some tape from your factory wiring harnesses. That’s it. You can do this.

  • You’ll Save Cash – right out of the gate by purchasing your fully-assembled and bundled products from us, you save as compared to retail. Not only that, you don’t have to handle all the wiring – we take that off your hands. And, you don’t have to scour the internet looking for your 4Runners compatible parts and settings. We got you. Finally, you don’t have to pay someone to put it in saving you hundreds of bucks.

  • You’ll Feel Awesome – those of you that already do some of your own work on your rig know what I mean. There’s a real sense of accomplishment when you do work on your own. Trust me, it’s infectious. Invite a friend over, take pictures, post them on Facebook, give high-fives. After you install this yourself, it’ll light a little fire in ya to try and tackle other projects. If you’re already an install-veteran, you’ll just keep being awesome.

2010 - 2019 Toyota 4Runner Installation Videos

TRD JON Review of our Sony Bundle

How Do I get My Sony 4Runner Plug & Play Bundle?

Easy. Simply visit our Toyota 4Runner Sony Shop, choose your model, complete the few questions on the product page and checkout. We offer Free US Standard Shipping via UPS Ground and have a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy. We have easy checkout payment options with PayPal and you can even get 0% interest for 6 months via PayPal Credit. See the Sony XAV-AX8100Sony XAV-AX7000 or Sony XAV-AX5500 product pages for more PayPal Credit details.

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