The Advantage of Overlanding in a 4Runner

The Advantage of Overlanding in a 4Runner

If you want to spend more time overlanding this year, you need the right vehicle to support your adventures. Many vehicles on the market can fit the bill, but some stand out more than others. Keep reading to learn the advantages of overlanding in a Toyota 4Runner and why you might want to consider this model for your next vehicle.

Excellent Storage Capabilities

Overlanding trips are all about the journey, and many overlanding journeys can span several days. If you bring your overlanding vehicle camping and to remote destinations, you’ll need supplies for several days, which means stocking your vehicle with lots of equipment.

The Toyota 4Runner has an excellent storage capacity inside the vehicle and out. The tailgate storage space features a high roofline so you have plenty of storage space without impacting your view. The 4Runner also has the potential for external storage through roof rack and trailer hook customization.

Endless Customization Options

Speaking of customization, another advantage of overlanding in a 4Runner is the practically endless possibility of customization it gives you. In fact, the Toyota 4Runner has some of the most potential of any truck on the market. You can find new 4Runner accessories to customize the tires, the roof rack, and everything in between. Many off-roaders and overlanders choose to customize their tires and suspension systems for a more controlled drive. If you’re the type of driver who loves to tweak and customize their vehicle and how it performs, the Toyota 4Runner is one of your best options.

Tough Vehicle Design

Manufacturers designed the 4Runner with travel and overlanding capabilities in mind. The 4Runner features body-on-frame construction, which helps it withstand tough conditions and makes it ideal for pulling heavy loads. Additionally, 4Runner models feature traction control that allows the vehicle to move freely through rough terrain that could send one or multiple wheels off the ground. These and many other built-in features make the 4Runner ideal for overlanding.

Whether built-in overlanding features or massive customization potential, there are many reasons to choose the Toyota 4Runner as an overlanding vehicle. Once you select your vehicle, if you need a 4Runner shop with all the customizations you can think of, browse our selection of parts at Trail Grid Pro!


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