Toyota Tundra Sony XAV-9500ES Installation

Why Install a Toyota Tundra Entertainment System?

Touch screen entertainment systems are among the nicest features available in modern car and truck models. However, not all vehicles come with the same features in their entertainment systems.

You might be looking for a larger screen, a clearer picture, or more updated features. If this is the case for you, consider upgrading to the Toyota Tundra Sony XAV-9500ES. By following our installation guide below, you can install this system in your home garage in no time.

How To Install the Toyota Tundra Sony XAV-9500ES

Step 1: Remove the cup holder assembly and any accessories blocking your access to the USB panel.

Step 2: Remove the USB access panel on your truck’s console. Use a pry tool to gently remove the panel at the seam and let it hang out of the way.

Step 3: Remove the heating and air controls. Pull out the panel and release the single connection plug.

Step 4: Remove the four 10mm bolts behind the panel with an extension wrench. Set the bolts to the side to reuse.

Step 5: Pull the preexisting console assembly straight out. Unplug all the connections at the back of the factory head unit.

Step 6: Place the new Sony head unit from your kit on a soft surface, such as a microfiber cloth. Start making each connection from the new head unit to the wiring you removed from the old head unit. Line up each plug until they snap into place.

Note: Your Sony unit may not utilize each factory unplug that you disconnected. Don’t be alarmed if you have extra plugs on the factory side.

Step 7: Mount the Sony microphone that will enable voice commands and calls. Feed the microphone through the open spot at the back of the open dashboard compartment. Peel the adhesive tape and mount it to your desired spot. Plug the microphone jack into the Sony Entertainment head.

Step 8: Tuck the wires and cabling back into the dashboard and secure the head in place with the corner clips.

Step 9: Place the screen into the head unit. Put your truck into accessory power mode to check that your connections are correct and the screen powers on. Check each mode, steering wheel control, and smartphone connectivity.

Step 10: Secure the screen with the five included screws for the head unit.

Step 11: Reassemble the console with the four bolts you removed earlier. Replace the temperature control panel via the clips.

And that’s it! You can test to make sure your screen works, sync your Apple Car Play with Bluetooth, and more. Browse more details about the Toyota Tundra aftermarket stereo at Trail Grid Pro. Use this Toyota Tundra Sony XAV-9500ES installation guide to install these parts yourself at home.