Toyota Tundra Dash Cam Installation

Whether you want to install a dash cam for increased roadway safety or you want to be able to record your off-road trips, Trail Grid Pro has you covered. We offer high-quality Cobra dash cam kits that feature everything you need to get started with your new vehicle cameras. Keep reading to explore all of the steps to installing your new Cobra cameras or watch our installation video for step-by-step instructions with our experts that make it easy to follow along. You can complete these installations at home in as little as 10 minutes.

Tools You’ll Need for Cobra Dash Cam Installation

  • Panel removal tool or flathead screwdriver

Toyota Tundra Cobra Dash Cam Installation

Step 1: Access the back of the rearview mirror. Disconnect the power wire at the back of the rearview mirror.

Note: Check the pin count of the connector in the back of your mirror to ensure you have the right model.

Step 2: Plug the power wire into the connector and plug it into the back of the mirror. Connect the USB into the harness and attach the power wire to the camera.

Step 3: Attach the sticky base of the dash cam to the underside of your windshield.

Step 4: Slide the top of the plastic headliner cover down to reveal the wiring. Feed the slack into the headliner. Replace the plastic cover.

Step 5: Use the provided zip tie to secure all wires together.

Setting Up Your Dash Cam

Once you power on your vehicle for the first time after installation, you’ll need to go through some minor setup instructions. These include selecting your preferred language, time zone, time, date, speed unit, and other metrics that will help you organize your footage.

Cobra even offers an app called Drive Smarter that syncs to your new dash cam. With this app, you can store and review your saved videos from the convenience of your smartphone.

Contact our experts at Trail Grid Pro with any questions about your dash cam or any questions about installing your new accessories.