Toyota Tacoma Dash Cam Install

Why Install a Toyota Tacoma Dash Cam?

Some of the most common questions customers ask before investing in a dash cam are “What are the benefits?” and “Why should I install one?” Dash-mounted cameras provide the ultimate peace of mind on the road. Whether you’re driving or parked, your dashboard camera will record everything that’s going on in front of your vehicle. This can be useful for accident reports and maintaining the quality and security of your vehicle. Another reason to install a Toyota dash cam is that the process is quick and easy thanks to our plug-and-play systems from Trail Grid Pro. You can quickly install the kit in your own garage, allowing you to skip the mechanic and labor costs that come with it.

Follow our Toyota Tacoma dash cam installation guide below to learn how to install your own camera.

How To Install the Cobra Dash Cam in a Tacoma

Note: The Toyota Tacoma Dash Cam Plug & Play for 2016-2022 trucks is only compatible with Tacomas equipped with an auto-dimming mirror.

Step 1: Clean the inside of your windshield where you want to place your dash cam. Choose your ideal mounting location, remove the adhesive backing, and hold your camera in place. Check your placement with a level to ensure evenness before fully adhering it to the windshield.

Step 2: Unplug the harness for the rearview mirror power port by compressing the tab on the back.

Step 3: Connect the Plug & Play power harness for the Tacoma dash cam to the rearview mirror power port and connection you just released.

Step 4: Using the power cable that comes with the bundle, connect the USB-A to the power adapter on the harness and connect the micro-USB to the dash cam.

Step 5: Use the included zip tie to hold the loose power cables together behind the rearview mirror. You can use black electrical tape to safely cover the wires for a neater appearance.

Step 6: Turn your vehicle completely on to fully power up your dash cam.

Step 7: Follow the setup prompts on your dash cam to customize settings such as language, time, date, and speed unit.

Step 8: Download and set up the Drive Smarter app to sync with the Cobra dash cam.

And that’s it! If you’re looking for an easy plug-and-play bundle that you can set up in your own garage, choose the Cobra dash cam from Trail Grid Pro.