Toyota Tacoma LED Headlight Install

If you want to upgrade your Toyota Tacoma’s headlight system, the Morimoto XB LED headlights are the perfect option. Morimoto headlights even offer multiple color varieties, so you can find what you need, whether you’re looking for brighter white headlights or a unique amber coloration. Keep reading to learn more about headlight upgrades and how to install these Toyota Tacoma LED headlights.

Tools and Parts for Installing the Morimoto Tacoma Headlights

  • Panel tool
  • Flat screwdriver
  • 10mm ratchet tool
  • Toyota Tacoma LED light upgrade Morimoto kit

Toyota Tacoma LED Headlight Installation

Step 1: Pop the hood. Remove the front bumper assembly by unscrewing the two bolts and plastic clips. Remove the bolts along the wheel wells and along the bumper assembly.

Step 2: Remove any aftermarket parts that could impede removing the grill plate, such as grill lights or a front camera system.

Step 3: Remove the grill piece and then the bumper piece. Set the grill and bumper pieces off to the side (There will be additional plastic clips to loosen along each corner of the bumper and along the perimeter. Don’t forget to disconnect the wiring harness as well).

Step 4: Remove the remaining three bolts around each existing headlight. Release the headlight tabs and gently lift the headlight out of place.

Step 5: Remove the five electrical connectors attached to each current headlight. Set the old model off to the side.

Step 6: Reconnect each plug-and-play connection that corresponds with your new Morimoto Tacoma Headlights and line up the plastic tabs.

Step 7: If your factory headlights do not have DRLs, you will need to connect a new 10A INJ fuse with the DRL harness.

Step 8: Test your new headlights to make sure they illuminate and function as they should.

Step 9: Repeat each step on the passenger side of your vehicle.

Step 10: Refit the bumper plate to your truck with the connector tabs and bolts.

Step 11: Reconnect any aftermarket pieces and cabling.

Step 12: Fit the plastic clips and 10mm bolts into place to reinstall your grill.