Tundra LED Headlight Install

New headlights can make driving your truck safer and more enjoyable. While the factory headlight models provide suitable light, a lighting upgrade can improve driving performance and the aesthetics of your vehicle.

For better light output for your Toyota Tundra, consider upgrading to the Morimoto XB LED headlights. Browse our Toyota Tundra headlight lineup for more information or keep reading to learn how to install headlights for your Toyota Tundra for yourself.

Tools Needed for Headlight Installation

  • Panel removal tool
  • Drill
  • 10 mm wrench
  • Tundra LED Headlight Install Walkthrough
  • Grille Removal

Step 1: Pop the hood of your truck.

Step 2: Remove the four 10 mm bolts from the top of the grille. Carefully remove the clips and cover plate.

Step 3: Remove the wiring harness.

Step 4: Lift the top of the grille and press the lower tabs. Unhook any wiring or other accessories to completely remove the grille. Set your grille out of the way.

Headlight Removal

Step 1: Remove the upper and lower headlight clips.

Step 2: Remove the outer plastic trim piece below your headlights. Gently place this piece aside somewhere safe.

Step 3: Remove the top and side bolts that secure the headlight.

Step 4: Lift up on the headlight’s tabs to pull the headlight assembly out. Remove the wiring harness using the panel removal tool. Set your old headlight to the side.

Headlight Install

Step 1: Attach the corresponding connectors to your truck’s new headlight.

Step 2: Match the connections from your new headlight to the truck.

Step 3: Work the wiring back in behind the headlight and realign your new headlight with the housing.

Step 4: Screw in the bolts loosely to secure your headlight.

Step 5: Put your vehicle in accessory power mode to test your new headlights.

Step 6: Repeat the headlight installation process on the opposite side of your vehicle.

Step 7: Reassemble the outer shell and grille of your truck. Check that your grille is centered before reattaching the main bolts.

For any additional guidance with your Tundra LED headlight install, see our full installation video below or contact our technical support experts at Trail Grid Pro with any questions.