Kicker Toyota Tacoma Speaker Upgrade

Toyota Tacoma owners have a wide range of customizations and upgrades available for their vehicles. No matter which aspect of your vehicle you want to upgrade, you can find the right equipment and products here at Trail Grid Pro, including speaker systems to enhance sound quality. While Toyota Tacomas leave the manufacturing plant with an already impressive sound system, you can perfect and customize it to your liking with your own speaker upgrade. If you’re looking for a high-quality sound system for your truck, consider the Kicker Toyota Tacoma speaker upgrade. This plug-and-play upgrade offers smooth sound and easy installation. Walk through our video or follow the steps below to assist with your Kicker speaker install.

Tools You’ll Need for a Kicker Speaker Installation

  • Panel removal tool or flathead screwdriver
  • 10mm socket wrench
  • Phillips head screwdriver

How To Install the Toyota Tacoma Kicker Speaker

Tweeter Speaker Installation

Step 1: Remove the grab bar covers and hidden bolts underneath. This frees the pillar trim from alongside the windshield.

Step 2: Remove the speaker grill and unplug the light sensor. Remove the bolts underneath.

Step 3: Locate the tweeter speaker and unplug the component with the releasing pin.

Step 4: Line up the tweeter connection from the Kicker speaker kit. Mount the Kicker tweeter and the adapters. Connect the male and female wiring with the connector.

Step 5: Feed the connected wiring back into the dashboard and reinstall the bolts. Replace the light sensor, speaker grill, and pillar trim.

Step 6: Repeat on the driver’s side of your vehicle.

Note: The only difference between the driver and passenger side installations is that this pillar trim has only one bolt.

Front Door Speaker Installation

Step 1: Remove the front door panels, door handle panel, grab handle, switch panel, and free the door from the lock. Disconnect the cables from the door and speaker.

Step 2: Remove the four screws holding the factory speaker.

Step 3: Fit the speaker adapter ring and insert the screws.

Step 4: Connect the door speaker adapter. Insert the four provided screws and connect the speaker wire to the Kicker speaker.

Step 5: Reinstall the door panel.

Rear Door Kicker Speaker Installation

Step 1: Remove the rear door panel, outer plastic trim, door handle cover plate, and switch panel. Free the door panel. Disconnect the cables from the door panel.

Step 2: Remove the three screws securing the speaker and connector. Remove the factory speaker.

Step 3: Fit the speaker mounting ring and insert the three screws.

Step 4: Insert the provided screws and connect the speaker adapter. Mount the speaker to the door by tightening the screws.

Step 5: Reinstall the rear door panel.

If you have any questions about the Kicker Toyota Tacoma speaker upgrade or installation, reach out to our experts at Trail Grid Pro today.