Toyota 4Runner Dash Cam Install

Toyota 4Runner Dash Cam Installation

If you’re looking for a high-quality dash cam for your Toyota 4Runner, browse our selection of 4Runner truck accessories at Trail Grid Pro. We offer a wide selection of truck mods and accessories, including dash and rear cameras. Once you have your Cobra dash cam, you can come back here to learn more about how to install this dash cam quickly and easily on your Toyota 4Runner.

Tools and Parts for Installing the 4Runner Dash Cam

  • Plug and play harness
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Panel tool
  • Zip tie (included in kit)

How To Set Up a Dash Cam in a 4Runner

Step 1: Choose your ideal dash cam placement. Remove the adhesive backing and press it into place on your windshield.

Step 2: Remove the overhead console by gently pulling downwards on the connected knobs. Remove the electrical connector from the main overhead console unit.

(If your vehicle model doesn’t have traction control knobs on the upper console, open the sunglasses compartment to reveal the connecting screws, and remove these.)

Step 3: Remove the Phillips screws holding the overhead console in place. Support the front and rear ends of the console and gently pull to release the tabs.

Step 4: Remove the multi-wired connector holding the console in place.

Step 5: Position your rear-view mirror all the way down. Use a panel tool to remove the case surrounding the rear-view mirror mount. Detach the plug connecting the rear-view mirror electronics.

Step 6: Connect each end of the plug-and-play harness to the rear-view mirror plug and connector you just removed. Tuck the harness into the overhead console.

Step 7: Plug the provided USB-A cable into the plug-and-play harness. Plug the opposite end into your mounted dash cam to provide power.

Step 8: Click the two pieces of rear-view camera casing back together and into place over your plug-and-play wiring.

Step 9: Use the zip tie included in your dash cam kit to keep your wires contained behind the black panel.

Step 10: Reconnect the power connector to your overhead console and slide it back into place. Reapply the screws holding the front end in place.

Step 11: Reconnect your traction control panel (if included in your vehicle model).

Step 12: Install your recording app of choice, such as the Drive Smarter app.