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Kicker Plug & Play 5-Channel Amplifier Kit | '03 - '24 4Runner

Kicker Plug & Play 5-Channel Amplifier Kit | '03 - '24 4Runner

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FITS: 2003-2024 Factory Non-Amplified Toyota 4Runner

  • Plug & Play w/ TGP Alpine & Sony head unit bundles, or any aftermarket radio set up with RCA speaker/sub outs
  • Kit utilizes your existing speaker wiring for an easy amplified experience!
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  • 2-Year Warranty
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Our high-performance Kicker Plug & Play 5-Channel Amplifier Kit is made to fit your Toyota 4Runner. Kicker's CXA660.5 5-Channel Amplifier lets you play at concert-like volume like never before, yet maintains the smoothness and subtlety to please even the most selective ear - all in a TGP Plug & Play package

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Ready for your 4Runner

Well, you've been asking and we finally got it done ... a truly Plug & Play Kicker 5-Channel Amplifier kit for your 2003 - 2024 Toyota 4Runner. Our R&D team has been cranking all cylinders to deliver an easy to install, truly plug and play solution so 4Runner folks can add power to their system at a fraction of the cost you'd pay a professional to get this done for you. At this time, our bundle is only available for non-JBL amplified 2003 - 2024 Toyota 4Runner's. 

This kit is plug & play with Trail Grid Pro Alpine & Sony head unit bundles or any aftermarket radio that has speaker and/or sub outs. Not for use with 4Runner factory head unit. 

JBL Amplified or Non-JBL Amplified? 

If your door speakers have a JBL logo on them, then you have a JBL amplified system. If your door speakers do not have a JBL logo, then you do not have a JBL amplified system.

What’s In The Plug & Play Bundle?

We’ve taken all the guess work out of adding an amplifier in your 2003 – 2024 Toyota 4Runner. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest and most reliable names in mobile electronics to bring you a high-end, super-reliable audio system — that’s packed with a 2-year no-questions-asked warranty on manufacturer defect. All of our bundles are pre-wired and ready to install prior to shipping from our Frederick, Maryland shop. When you get your bundle, it’s all ready to drop in your truck! Here’s what you can expect to be in your Kicker Plug & Play 5-Channel Amplifier Kit from Trail Grid Pro:

  • Kicker CXA660.5 5-Channel Amplifier
  • Kicker 47VK6 Amplifier Kit
  • 3x Kicker 46VK6 RCA's
  • 1x Kicker KIYFM RCA Splitter
  • Plug & Play wiring harness utilizes factory speaker wiring to amplify speakers!
  • Plug & play radio connectors will be pre-wired, soldered and shrink-wrapped to achieve a professional finish prior to shipping for ease of installation
  • Plug & play harnesses are built with enough length to store the 5-Channel Amplifier under the passenger seat. 
  • All fork terminals, ring terminals will be pre-attached to applicable locations on the harnesses for a plug and play installation
  • 10x tip ties, 1x 10mm bolt, 4x velcro strips

Interested in our 5-Channel amplifier bundle for your Toyota 4Runner but have a question first? Simply complete the form below and we’ll get back to you promptly!

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 in
Toyota Model 4Runner
Toyota Year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

CX-Series amps reach massive power levels thanks to an optimized circuit layout and the highest-grade internal components. Highly efficient heat sinks keep the amp cool and an optional remote level control lets you adjust bass on the fly.


The CXA660.5 Amplifier is built to be the complete package in one cool-looking amp.

This CX amplifier uses powerful Class A/B technology to power four mid/high-range channels and an ultra-efficient Class D power plant for the bass channel. The amp also comes equipped with FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS), giving you superior clarity and dependability.

KickEQ™ variable bass boost gives you as much as a 6dB of extra bump. A powerful 12dB crossover and 24dB subsonic filter is also included, letting you quickly tune your entire system to taste. From your dash, a simple turn of the optional CXARC Remote Bass Controller (sold separately) increases your output to fit your choice of music.

This CX amplifier delivers as much as 90 watts into four full-range channels or 180 watts into two-bridged channels, plus as much as 300 watts into one bass channel. See below for more details.

  • Class A/B full-range channels
  • Class D bass channel included for one amp to run an entire system
  • Three-second turn-on/off delay to eliminate unwanted interference
  • Variable 12dB crossovers provides control to dial in perfect sound
  • KickEQ™ 6dB variable bass boost for those additional low frequencies
  • 24dB subsonic filter for protection from potentially damaging frequencies
  • FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS) means it works with nearly every radio
  • Accepts up to 40-volt input signal
  • Small footprint for easier installation
  • Vertical mounting hardware included for another unique look
  • Model: CXA660.5
  • Power (watts/ch): 4 Ohm Stereo 65x4
  • Power (watts/ch): 2 Ohm Stereo 90x4
  • Power (watts/ch): 4 Ohm Stereo 180x2
  • Power (watts/ch): 4 Ohm Mono Sub Ch 150x1
  • Power (watts/ch): 2 Ohm Mono Sub Ch 300x1
  • CXRC Remote Bass Capable (sold sep.): Yes
  • Dimensions (in): 14 L, 2 3/8 H, 6 3/4 W
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 10Hz- 20kHz
  • Frequency Response (Hz - Sub Ch.): 25Hz-200Hz
  • Input Sensitivity: 125mV-5V (low level), 1V-40V (high level)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90dB
  • Active Crossover: Amp 1-2: High Pass 10-200Hz @ 12dB/Octave, Sub Channel: Low Pass 50-200Hz @ 12dB/Octave
  • Subsonic Filter: 25Hz @ 24dB/Octave
  • KickEQ Boost: Variable 0-6dB @40Hz
  • Warranty: 2 Years manufacturer defect - free from defects in material and workmanship