Toyota Tundra Pedal Commander Installation Guide

Toyota Tundra Pedal Commander Installation Guide

We added the Pedal Commander to our Toyota Tundra about 6 months ago and we absolutely love it! The improved throttle time made us fall deeper for the already close to perfect Toyota Tundra. If you’re looking to get up and go faster in the city or save some MPG’s while on the highway, Pedal Commander is what you need.

For those of you who have a Toyota Tundra, we know you’re loyal to your rig, and you should be. But, if you are truly loyal and love your ride, then you need to give it some love. Love in the form of the Pedal Commander. The performance will be so dramatic, you will be wishing you had done it sooner! It allows you to go faster, faster. It doesn’t change the horsepower, but it changes how fast your vehicle responds to pressure on the gas pedal. This is not only great for maneuvering our vehicles off-road in technically tricky terrain, but it also makes the Tundra even safer on the road. It’s a win/win!

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install The Pedal Commander into your Tundra

Step 1

The instructions recommend that you keep your key fob at least 35 feet away from the module for at least 10 minutes prior to the install. Likewise, it is recommended that you keep your Tundra door open for 5-10 minutes prior to installation.

Step 2

Before an install, check out the contents of the package, and make sure that all the parts are present. The Pedal Commander comes in a nice compact clear box. Just slide the lid right off, and you will see the small instruction guide right next to the bluetooth Pedal Commander module and the wiring jumper harness. There is also a velcro/sticker mounting pad, so you can attach the module where it is convenient, and an alcohol pad to clean the area on your vehicle before attaching and some zip ties to clean things up.

Step 3

You will have to locate the gas pedal wire which is located above the gas pedal. Disconnect that wire. Take the two-plug end of the commander wire harness and connect it to the wire. The other end will connect directly to the plug above the gas pedal. And “Tada!” It is connected.

Step 4

You’re doing great! Let’s locate the gas pedal cable which lives just above the gas pedal (as you’d expect), up and under the dash. You’ll need to disconnect it and decide where it will be most convenient to attach the module. My recommendation is to put in the area below the ignition and above the gas pedal. I also advise you to run the wiring for the Pedal Commander up through the neck of the steering wheel which opens up under the dash. This allows you to hide the wiring as well as to mount it in an inconspicuous but easy to access area.

Step 5

Now you will mount the module to your truck. Clean the area on the truck with the alcohol pad.

Peel off one side of the mount sticker and attach it to the back of the module, then peel the other side off the mounting sticker. Now mount it where it is easy to see and change modes while driving but where it is also out of the way. Tuck the wires up under the dash.

Step 6

That’s all the hard work - Now for testing it out! The Pedal Commander will start up when you start your engine. It has driving modes for:


Finally, it also has a sensitivity range from -4 to +4.

When you start your truck, it will automatically be in city mode, sensitivity level 1. It IS super responsive compared to what you are used to; you will feel an instant difference! The acceleration capabilities are frankly off the charts in sports mode and sports plus, allowing you greater control of your vehicle and it’s movements.

Step 7

To change modes, you will want to stop your vehicle and push the button. It is as easy as that!

The Pedal Commander has been a game changer for us. It is a great addition to your Toyota Tundra. So, whether you are on the road or going off the grid, you will love this device! We sure do!

You’ll Never Want To Go Back

Fact: the acceleration capabilities are awesome and instant with the Pedal Commander, but it’s also so simple to install! Check out the complete Pedal Commander install video below if you need any additional help getting your gear up and running.

The Pedal Commander is such a great addition to an already great truck. So, whether you are on the road for work or play, or going off the grid, you will completely fall in love with the Pedal Commander on your Tundra!

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