Toyota 4Runner ICS Fab Dash Mount Install Guide

Toyota 4Runner ICS Fab Dash Mount Install Guide

ICS Fab 5th Generation Dash Mount is a great addition for those looking to add versatility to their rig. With the ICS Fab Dash Mount you are able to conveniently mount accessories such as: phone mounts and CB radios.

ICS Fab 4Runner Dash Mount
ICS Fab 5th Gen 4Runner Dash Mount
ICS Fab 4Runner Dash Mount

Install your ICS Fab Dash Mount

Here is a simple and easy breakdown of how to install your new ICS Fab Dash Camera Bundle. If you're more of a visual learner, check out our complete installation video here.

video image

Step 1

First of all, check the packaging and make sure it hasn’t been damaged; then check out the parts to make sure they are intact and ready to go. You will have:

  • ICS Fab Dash Mount
  • Phone Mount, Charging Harness and/or Dual USB (If selected at checkout)

Tools Needed: 

  • Panel Removal Tool
  • 10mm Socket with Ratchet
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Marker
  • Painters Tape

Step 2

Place painters tape on the top and sides of your dash kit. This will allow you to mark the holes that will need to be drilled out.

Step 3

Place ICS Fab Dash Mount into position. Make sure that the mount is level and even on both sides and sits down onto of the dash.

Using a marker, pick tool or awl; mark the 4 screw hole positions into the painters tape. 2 screw holes on the sides and 2 on the top below the top mounting surface.

Step 4

Remove the dash mount from the vehicle.

Remove side panels by pulling straight out towards you

Remove the air control module and disconnect the plug on the rear

Remove the (4) 10mm bolts the secure the head-unit into the dash.

Remove head-unit by pulling straight out towards you and disconnect all plugs to free the head-unit.

Step 5

Using a 9/64" drill bit to drill out each of the 4 holes. Go slow and take your time.

Step 6

Remove the painters tape and clean off the top of your dash kit.

Step 7 

Install dual USB plate and outlet to the dash mount using the provided hardware.

Step 8

Secure the dash mount to the dash kit. The 2 longer screws will go into the top of the dash mount and the 2 shorter screws will secure the sides of the dash mount. Place the screws in from the top or side and secure with the provided lock nut on the inside of the dash.

Step 9

Drill a hole into your preferred location on the dash kit to run the wires (power and ground) for the dual USB outlet (If selected). Connect your power and ground wires and route them through the hole you just made.

Step 10

Re-install the head-unit into the vehicle and plug back in all connectors.

Step 11

Route your power and ground wires for your dual USB plug behind the head-unit and toward the factory cigarette lighter plug.

Step 12

Secure the head-unit and dash kit into the dash by lining up the tabs and pushing into place.

Step 13

Remove the (2) 10mm bolts that secure the lower cubby area that contains the power outlet and factory USB plug.

Step 14

Use the provided t-taps to secure the power and ground wires.

Step 15

Place vehicle in accessory power to confirm your dual USB is wired correctly

Step 16

Reassemble your vehicle.

Test functionality.

Congratulations on installing your new ICS Fab 5th Generation Dash Mount

Don't forget to mount your favorite accessories!

Grab Your 4Runner Dash Cam Kit

ICS Fab 4Runner Dash Mount
ICS Fab 4Runner Dash Mount
ICS Fab 4Runner Dash Mount

Add versatility to your rig by adding a ICS Fab 4Runner Dash Mount from Trail Grid Pro.

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