Toyota 4Runner Cobra Dash Camera Bundle Install Guide

Toyota 4Runner Cobra Dash Camera Bundle Install Guide

Adding a dash camera can be great added security and safety to feature to any vehicle. With our Cobra Camera Bundle you are able to conveniently power your camera straight from the rear view mirror ensuring that you always have power to your camera when the vehicle is running.

Toyota 4Runner Dash Cam Bundle
Toyota 4Runner Dash Cam Bundle
Toyota 4Runner Dash Cam Bundle

Install your Cobra Dash Camera Bundle

Here is a simple and easy breakdown of how to install your new Cobra Dash Camera Bundle. If you're more of a visual learner, check out our complete installation video here.

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Step 1

First of all, check the packaging and make sure it hasn’t been damaged; then check out the parts to make sure they are intact and ready to go. You will have:

  • 1 Cobra SC200 or SC200D Camera
  • Vehicle Power Adapter (7 pin, 10 pin or 12 pin)

Tools Needed: 

  • Panel Removal Tool
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver

Step 2

Read all of the Cobra installation directions and read this important message from the manufacturer.

Step 3

Remove either the sunglasses holder or "crawl control" panel from your headliner console.

Sunglasses Holder: Open compartment, remove 2 Phillips head screws

"Crawl Control Panel": Pull on the knobs straight toward you, disconnect plug connector & remove 2 Phillips head screws.

Step 4

Gently pull down on rear of headliner console to release the 2 retaining clips located near the dome light.

Step 5

Remove the connector from the headliner console.

Step 6

Position rearview mirror down to make more space.

Step 7 

Remove black plastic covers that cover the wire to the rearview mirror.

Step 8

Disconnect connector on power wire for rearview mirror.

Step 9

Plug in the provided vehicle power adapter that you received in your bundle.

Step 10

Tuck the vehicle power adapter into the headliner, leaving the USB plug end exposed.

Step 11

Connect the USB power cable from the Cobra box into the vehicle power adapter and into your new Cobra SC200 or SC200D camera.

Step 12

Replace the 2 black plastic covers on top of the power wire to the rearview mirror.

Step 13

Secure the vehicle power adapter by securing it to the black plastic cover using the provided zip-tie.

Step 14

Trim off the excess end of the zip-tie.

Step 15

Replace headliner console:

Plug in the connector, line up the rear retaining clips, secure the 2 Phillips head screws & close sunglasses compartment or plug back in the "crawl control panel" and reinsert the "crawl control" panel.

Step 16

Test functionality.

Congratulations on installing your new Cobra SC200 Series Dash Camera Bundle.

Download the Drive Smarter App in your App Store to be able to connect your Cobra camera to your phone.

Grab Your 4Runner Dash Cam Kit

Toyota 4Runner Dash Cam Bundle
Toyota 4Runner Dash Cam Bundle
Toyota 4Runner Dash Cam Bundle

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