The Difference Between the Tacoma TRD Pro and TRD Sport

The Difference Between the Tacoma TRD Pro and TRD Sport

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development. This acronym refers to a specific Toyota carefully tuned for your performance needs. For example, the Tacoma comes in various TRD options, so shopping can be a bit complicated for first-timers. Don’t worry—the learning curve is fairly easy. Read the list below for the difference between the Tacoma TRD Pro and TRD Sport.

Explaining the Tacoma TRD Sport

The TRD Sport is ideal for drivers who want a stylish ride and primarily street driving. TRD Sport trucks are characterized by details like their sport-tuned suspension and head scoop. The vehicle features 17-inch wheels. When you buy this model, you can also expect sports body-colored fender flares and bumpers. It may look rugged enough for off-road travel, but that’s more in line with the TRD Off-Road.

Off-Roading Models & Sport Upgrades

With details like crawl control and multi-terrain selection, the TRD Off-Road can deliver on looks and performance. Of course, the TRD Sport can excel in performance, but not quite as much when off-roading.

Thankfully, you can upgrade TRD Sport trucks like any other truck. At Trail Grid Pro, our Toyota Tacoma parts include pre-load collar lift kits. Now that you know more about the TRD Sport and Off-Road, you might wonder about the TRD Pro. What is the difference between the Tacoma TRD Pro and TRD Sport?

The TRD Pro

You may assume that the Tacoma TRD Off-Road is the best option for off-roading because, well, it’s in the name. However, the TRD Pro is the model to look toward if you want the most power when off-roading.

The TRD Pro comes with the upgrades available for the TRD Off-Road, but it has even more upgrades to boost performance. These modifications include a one-inch suspension lift, aluminum skid plate, and cat-back exhaust. Take the information with you on your search for the right Tacoma so you can find a suitable ride for handling the road and terrain.


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