Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commander Installation Guide

Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commander Installation Guide

You know me, and you know I love Toyota trucks and the Tacoma is no exception. And yet, even all GREAT things can be improved! In this case, I’m referencing the stock throttle response time on the Tacoma – it’s good, but it could be better.

If you’re feeling the same way I am about the Tacoma, I’ve got the fix for you —the Pedal Commander. It doesn’t change the horsepower; it changes how fast your vehicle responds to pressure on the gas pedal. This is not only fantastic for maneuvering our vehicles in tricky terrain, but it even makes our Toyota safer on highways and in town. (Can’t beat that!)

Here’s a step-by-step install guide that I’ve written for the Pedal Commander for your Toyota Tacoma that might be helpful to you.

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Install The Pedal Commander On your Tacoma

Step 1

Just like any of my installation guides, make sure to check out the contents of the package – just to assure all parts are present. The Pedal Commander comes in a box with a clear top. Just slide the lid right off, and you’ll see the small instruction guide right next to the Bluetooth Pedal Commander module, as well as the wiring harness. There’s a Velcro/sticker mounting pad, so you can attach the module wherever you’d like, and an alcohol pad to clean the area on your vehicle before attaching.

Step 2

I recommend that you keep your key fob at least 35 feet away from the module for at least 10 minutes and keep your Tacoma’s driver’s side door open for 5-10 minutes prior to installation.

Step 3

Now it’s time to decide where it will be most convenient to attach the module into your Toyota. I generally recommend putting it in the area below the ignition and above the gas pedal; you want to run the wiring for the Pedal Commander down through the neck of the steering wheel, which opens under the drivers-side dash. This sneaky tactic allows you to hide the wiring, as well as mount it in a hidden but easy to access area.

Step 4

You’re doing great! Let’s locate the gas pedal cable which lives just above the gas pedal (as you’d expect), up and under the dash. You’ll need to disconnect it by squeezing the cable head that attaches it to the body of the vehicle. Find the male and female attachments to the gas pedal cable; take the male end of the pedal commander and insert it into the female attachment of the gas pedal cable, and then take the female end of the Pedal Commander and reinsert it into the gas pedal. Whew - It’s done! It’s connected.

Step 5

After you’ve gotten this far, mount the Pedal Commander module to your truck. Snag any dust or particles by cleaning the area on your truck that you’re going to mount the device, so the device is well affixed.

When you’re ready, peel off one side of the mount sticker and attach it to the back of the module. Then, peel the other side off the mounting sticker and mount it where it is easy to see and change modes while driving, but where it’s safe to do so. When you’re happy with it, tuck the wires up under the dash using the provided zip ties.

Step 6

That’s all the hard work - Now for testing it out! The Pedal Commander will start up when you start your engine. It has driving modes for:


Finally, it also has a sensitivity range from -4 to +4.

It’s time! Start your truck; it’ll be in city mode, sensitivity level +1. When you try this out for the first time, just know that it’s super responsive compared to what you are used to with your stock throttle response. Be warned; the acceleration capabilities are off the charts in sport mode and sport+, allowing you greater control of your vehicle and its movements.

On the other end of the spectrum, economy mode doesn’t get as much credit as it should! Economy mode saves you mpg’s by having an even less throttle response time than stock.

Step 7

One final note –ensure your foot is not on the accelerator while attempting to change modes. You can change modes while moving, but not while your foot is on the accelerator!

You’ll Never Want To Go Back

Fact: the acceleration capabilities are awesome and instant with the Pedal Commander, but it’s also so simple to install! Check out the complete Pedal Commander install video below if you need any additional help getting your gear up and running.

The Pedal Commander is such a great addition to an already great truck. So, whether you are on the road for work or play, or going off the grid, you will completely fall in love with the Pedal Commander on your Tacoma!

Grab a Pedal Commander for your Tacoma

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