Pedal Commander For Your Toyota 4Runner

Pedal Commander For Your Toyota 4Runner

I had no plans of becoming a Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander dealer. That's the truth. And, not for any other reason then I just hadn't thought about it.

At the time we shot the Pedal Commander install and review video, I was knee-deep in setting up all of our Sony bundles for Toyota 4Runners and that's as far as I was able to think.

I was also in the middle of building the website, setting up dealer agreements, collaborating with partners and/or whoever would listen, registering the business ... thinking, rethinking and thinking again about every fine business detail (I'm a little OCD) - and just generally starting a brand new company from scratch, lol.

Each day that I sat at my desk to try to make the pipe-dream that is Trail Grid Pro a reality, there was a small little box from Pedal Commander sitting on a table next to me.

Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commander

Why Pedal Commander?

One particular day in October 2020, I was tired of thinking, tired of building the website and wanted to do something different for the remainder of the afternoon.

Shooting installation videos is at the heart of our business model. Our thought is if we can offer great products, on a well-designed informative website, and provide great installation and review videos then we can hopefully ensure our customers have a great experience in all phases of the buying process on our website:

(1) Pre-purchase: the research and education phase

(2) Purchase: the actual buying experience

(3) Post-purchase: was it easy to install and did I get the support I expect

Up until this point the only product related 4Runner install videos on the radar were for our Sony bundles - but I hadn't ironed out all the details yet, so we were still several weeks out from those shoots.

But, on that day in October - I looked over to my right, saw the Pedal Commander box that had been sitting there for several months and decided to shoot an install video for it. Absolutely zero thought went in to the shoot. I just turned the cameras on and started. This is the result.

video image

I barely even opened the box before I shot the footage on the back of my rig. Except for when I screwed up my line of speaking and had to edit it out, you're watching a real-time installation and review of the Pedal Commander for Toyota 4Runners.

As you see in the video above, I feel 100% confident recommending the Pedal Commander for your 2003 - 2021 Toyota 4Runner. It's an amazing product with such a simple install that I said to myself - we must sell this. Whether you want to go faster, faster in City, Sport or Sport+ modes or save MPG's in Economy mode - it's well worth the investment.

Trail Grid Pro 4Runner
Trail Grid Pro 4Runner
Trail Grid Pro 4Runner
Trail Grid Pro 4Runner

What Is Throttle Lag?

In my lifetime, I've owned a Jeep Wrangler, Honda Civic & Accord, Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Explorer, Toyota Prius (lol), BMW 330i & 335i and a Lexus GS350 ... and now a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro.

Other than the Prius, I'd argue that the throttle lag is the worst of the bunch in the 4Runner. Interestingly, I was so excited to have the 4Runner after purchasing it that it really wasn't a big deal. I'd call this a case of "you don't know what you're missing until you have it".

Apple is the king of creating amazing products we didn't even know we wanted or frankly needed. It's my opinion, for a lot of us, Pedal Commander has done the same thing. The reason I say a lot of us is that I know there are plenty of enthusiasts out there that intuitively know this kind of stuff. They either lived through the "old school" 1:1 pedal-to-throttle acceleration ratio days or just expect it.

However, there are even more of us that have no idea what we're missing until we've installed a Pedal Commander. Watch our video above. You'll see my reaction.


Most newer vehicles are manufactured with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC). In short, this fancy computerized system means your acceleration is no longer controlled by an old-fashioned throttle cable.

A throttle cable provided a linear relation between your foot hitting the gas pedal and your vehicle actually accelerating at the same moment or very close it. Today, everything is powered by electronics and your vehicles ECU.

Today's vehicle onboard computer systems are set to create a lag (throttle lag) from your initial accelerator push to throttle response (when you actually start moving forward) - including Toyota 4Runners.

A Pedal Commander fixes that.

What Do I Get With Pedal Commander?

Simply, you improve your overall driving enjoyment or you can improve your gas mileage - depending on the mode you're in. That's it ... and so worth it. Pedal Commander allows you to have more control over your vehicle. Auto manufacturers have to take a one-size-fits-all approach when making their vehicles so the majority of owners are happy. To achieve this, they set their ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) to the desired level that appeals to most.

Pedal Commander gives you the ability to make your gas pedal more sensitive for a sportier feel, or less sensitive if your main goal is to increase fuel economy. You also have the ability to change between modes as your needs change. In addition, you have eight sensitivity levels within each mode - so you can totally hone in on your desired result. You can literally customize your driving experience.

Pedal Commander Toyota 4Runner
Pedal Commander Toyota 4Runner
Pedal Commander Toyota 4Runner

I'd argue that if people had a choice, they'd choose Pedal Commander every time. What I mean by that is, as mentioned in the video, Pedal Commander gave me the feeling that I have more control over my vehicle - which made me feel safer. At the same time, I was having more fun while in City, Sport & Sport+ modes. And, when a product makes me feel safer and have more fun ... well, sign me up every time.

Pedal Commander is packed with a 2-Year product warranty with tech support. We carry a 30-day money back guarantee and it's a completely plug and play installation that you can complete in under 20 minutes.

Pedal Commander Modes For Your 4Runner

Let's talk a quick walk-through the different acceleration modes you can expect:

Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander EcoMode

Eco mode maximizes fuel economy up to 20% over stock 4Runner ratings. The significantly reduced throttle response promotes better traction over off-road terrains, such as rain, snow, mud and dirt. Eco mode also acts as a valet mode to control a drivers ability to operate.

To activate Eco mode, press and hold the white star button for 3 seconds.

Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander City Mode

City mode is the first stage that provides a more active throttle response, which is perfect for daily 4Runner driving. Many say this is the mode that Toyota's should arrive from the factory.

City mode gives a response of an old-school throttle cable, with a 1:1 pedal-to-throttle acceleration ratio - this is the recommended mode to drive in normal day-to-day traffic.

Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander Sport Mode

Sport mode is the most spirited driving mode which is where the fun really begins. This is the highest suggested mode to use driving in town and traffic. Sport mode sends a signal approximately 70% faster than stock.

Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander Sport+ Mode

Sport+ mode is when you're really ready to crank. This level gives your 4Runner the response and acceleration of (seemingly) being in a race car. If you need to get going super quick, this is the place to be. Or, if you just want to have some fun you can hang out here for a bit. However, use with caution!

How To Grab Your 4Runner Pedal Commander

Go to our Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander Shop and grab the Pedal Commander for your Toyota 4Runner model year:

We offer free US Standard Shipping. A 60-day no-questions-asked return policy and our stamp of approval that we think you'll love your new Pedal Commander.

We also have easy checkout payment options with PayPal. You can even get 0% interest for 6 months via PayPal Credit. See the Pedal Commander product pages above for more details!

Interested in a Pedal Commander for your Toyota 4Runner but have a question? Simply complete the form below and our team will get back to your promptly!


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