How To Choose the Right Suspension Kit for Your Tundra

How To Choose the Right Suspension Kit for Your Tundra

Even if you have Toyota Tundra and like the performance, new upgrades are available to further improve your vehicle. Buying a new truck is exciting, but getting hands-on with your vehicle by upgrading it is particularly fulfilling. A significant part of that fulfillment comes from meeting a specific performance goal.

For instance, if you want better sound quality in your truck, then swiftly upgrade the speakers to a better model. Likewise, suspension upgrades are available to help trucks handle off-road terrain.

Not every upgrade experience will be the same for each driver or vehicle, which is why our guide today details how to choose the right suspension kit for your Tundra. Reflect on the details below if you want to make a worthwhile upgrade to your truck.

Is It Tundra Compatible?

One of the benefits of browsing aftermarket car and truck parts online is the large library of options available. Keep in mind that not every part works for every vehicle on the market, so specific dimensions are critical. Even if you’re looking at an aftermarket kit for a Toyota Tundra, it doesn’t mean it’s compatible with your specific Tundra.

Reliable sellers online should make it clear which vehicle a new part or kit is compatible with to ensure you won’t have to do too much extra work. For example, our Toyota Tundra accessories online include lift kits for an ’18-’21 Tundra. However, we also have lift kits that fit additional models, such as a 2022 Tundra and more. Before you even dive into the technical specifications of any lift kit, always check which models it fits. That said, there are certainly more details to assess before making the final purchase. For instance, what brand is the lift kit under?

Is It a Brand Worth Building With?

Another detail you will discover when shopping for aftermarket suspension parts is the brand name. Maybe you’re looking at a brand you’re familiar with, which should make your decision much easier. On the other hand, maybe you’re looking at a suspension kit from a brand that you’re entirely unfamiliar with.

Remember that not knowing a brand doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent choice—it just means it’s time to investigate. If you’re unaware of a certain brand, look at their customer reviews online and other industry feedback regarding the brand’s reputation. Investigating your brand will help you learn its history—the good, the bad, and the ugly—so that you can make a confident decision at checkout.

Investigating Brands

In addition, it helps if you have friends or family in your life with experience upgrading their suspension systems, particularly if they have a Tundra. Inquire about their experience with the brand you’re looking at or whether they have suggestions for alternatives.

Even if you love completing projects on your own, asking for a little help every now and then can open new doors for your truck’s capabilities. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t buy upgrades without knowing that you’re choosing a reputable brand and seller. The more you know about the brand before the purchase, the better you can prepare expectations.

The importance of brand to a suspension upgrade is why, at Trail Grid Pro, we partner with trusted brands to bring you the parts capable of changing your truck for the better. The brands you will find at Trail Grid Pro include Kicker, Westcott Designs, and more. Shop our online selection to find the right product for your vehicle.

Before embarking on your suspension kit shopping, we also have to explore the legality of suspension kits. You might not think that various laws come into play when buying suspension upgrades, but it’s a real issue you will have to avoid.

Suspension upgrade legality will vary from state to state, so don’t forget to ensure you’re not breaking any laws with your lift kit. Not all states will have strict guidelines, but some do, so don’t play a guessing game with this question. Once you have an answer, you can proceed accordingly, whether that’s buying the kit you’re looking at or choosing another option.

Restrictions like this might sound frustrating and, at times, confusing, but learning your parameters for the search will ultimately help to narrow down options. When you identify any illegal upgrades and remove them from your list, you can focus on practical solutions.

Is It Easy To Install?

Assessing how to choose the right suspension kit for your Tundra is vital for avoiding issues on and off the road. However, the installation plays a substantial role in how your truck and new suspension kit work together. You should always know about the installation process before buying any aftermarket component.

Like the model compatibility, an aftermarket suspension kit’s installation steps or suggestions should be easy to access. If you can’t identify the best installation practices on the product listing, reach out to the seller or manufacturer to learn what you can expect from the process. Then, consider whether you’re capable of completing that installation successfully. Do you need to learn new techniques or even buy new tools? Keep these questions in mind when you’re determining how difficult the suspension installation will be to complete.

How Does It Feel?

The questions above outline the key considerations you should have when shopping for Tundra suspension kits. After installing the suspension kit, you will have one more question to ask yourself: how does it feel? You should immediately see the results after installing a new suspension kit on a Tundra, establishing the clearance you need for off-roading activities.

Focusing on the suspension performance will show you whether you took the right steps. If something feels off about your Tundra’s performance, then step back and reassess the issues, whether it’s poor installation or improperly functioning components. Thankfully, if you’re working with reputable sellers and quality parts, you should be able to answer the question above with ease. With the right kit, you can enjoy tackling tough terrains and traversing new places with your Toyota Tundra.

How To Choose the Right Suspension Kit for Your Tundra


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