How To Update Your Sony XAV-AX5500, 5600 & 7000 Firmware

How To Update Your Sony XAV-AX5500, 5600 & 7000 Firmware

Keeping your firmware up-to-date is important. This guide will provide you the needed steps to make sure that your plug & play bundle stays trail ready!

Update the firmware in your Sony Plug & Play Bundle

Here is a simple and easy breakdown of how to update the firmware in your Sony Head-unit.

Step 1

  • Download the appropriate file to a USB style thumb-drive from the website | Sony Support - XAV Series Head Units
  • Move the files out of the downloaded folder directly onto the thumb-drive. The update cannot be read if the files are in a folder or subfolder.
  • It is important that the thumb-drive contains NO other files. The head-unit needs to detect just the firmware file.

Step 2

Gain access to the USB ports.

  • If you installed the supplied USB adapter to retain your factory location, you're off to a good start.
  • You will also need access to USB Port #2.
  • If USB #2 is located behind the head-unit (inside the dash), than removal of the head-unit will be needed.

Step 3

Go to the main "HOME" screen of the head-unit by pushing the home button in the bottom left corner.

Step 4

Slide to the second set of icons on the touch screen.

Step 5

Push "SETTINGS" and go to "GENERAL"

Step 6

Scroll down to "FIRMWARE VERSION" using the down arrow on the right side of the screen.

Step 7

Connect the USB thumb-drive containing the firmware update to USB #2.

Step 8

Click "UPDATE"

Step 9

Follow the prompts on the screen. Your system may prompt you to move the thumb-drive from USB #2 to USB #1 or vice-versa.

Step 10

Once the update is complete remove the thumb-drive and reassemble any parts that were removed to gain access.


  • Your Sony head-unit may restart several times during the firmware update process, this is normal.
  • You can verify that the update was completed by checking the firmware version shown in the menu.


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