Do You Need a Ladder on Your Toyota 4Runner?

Do You Need a Ladder on Your Toyota 4Runner?

One common accessory you’ll find on 4Runners and other trucks is a ladder on the back. Some may find it aesthetically pleasing, and there’s nothing wrong with updating for looks alone. That said, what is the functional purpose of this accessory? Moreover, do you need a ladder on your Toyota 4Runner? Read this guide to find out what the titular accessory brings to the table.

Quick Roof Access

From camping gear to bikes, you can strap a wide range of materials to your roof rack. Some people are tall enough to easily reach and grab the items. However, for some people, the height of the roof can make it more difficult to easily access roof cargo.

Installing a ladder provides a stable way for anyone of any height to access the roof rack. You may wonder, can’t you climb on the tire or another part of the truck to reach the cargo? Let’s dive into why that may be a problem.

Avoid Contact With the Vehicle

Having a ladder will help both you and your vehicle. Another benefit of the ladder on a Toyota 4Runner is that you don’t have to worry about scuffing up the vehicle when you climb up. The ladder grants instant access to the roof without the risk of damaging the paint and other components of the truck. Then, all you have to worry about after returning from off-roading, overlanding, etc. with the truck is a careful inspection and wash to keep everything in good condition.

Do You Need It?

Now that you know the benefits of this accessory, do you need a ladder on your Toyota 4Runner? Owning a 4Runner does not inherently mean that you need a ladder. However, if you strap a lot of cargo on your roof and need an easier way to access it, a ladder is a welcome addition to your setup. Check out the Toyota 4Runner accessories available from Trail Grid Pro to find ladders and more hardware for personalizing your ride.


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