Benefits of Upgrading Your 4Runner’s Audio System

Benefits of Upgrading Your 4Runner’s Audio System

Whether you’re on a grocery run or an off-road adventure, music makes any trip in your 4Runner more fun. And with Toyota 4runner accessories from Trail Grid Pro, you can install the audio system you've always dreamed of. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your 4Runner’s audio system.

New Features

The stock sound system in your 4Runner comes with the most basic features. Although you can use this basic sound system, upgrading to an aftermarket sound system that includes all kinds of new features will take your ride to a whole new level. The Sony Plug & Play Bundles at Trail Grid Pro allow you to tune in to all your favorite satellite radio stations, connect to external devices, and play high-quality music all day long.

Superior Quality

Another benefit of upgrading your 4Runner’s audio system is that you receive superior quality. It’s no secret that aftermarket parts are higher quality and last much longer than stock parts or components. In addition, aftermarket parts make accessing your music an easy and fast process. If you want an audio system that is convenient and lasts, aftermarket systems are your best option.

Easy Installation

Although some aftermarket parts are notoriously difficult to install, sound systems are the opposite. After you receive the components you need for your new sound system, you’ll find that they are easy to install on your own. At Trail Grid Pro, we provide installation guides and manuals so that you can place all the parts in your 4Runner on your own without visiting a professional.

Increases Value

Upgrading your vehicle with aftermarket parts is one of the best ways to increase its value. An aftermarket sound system will certainly increase the value of your truck, and if you want to increase the value even more, you can check out some of our other popular upgrades. It doesn’t matter how big or small an aftermarket upgrade is—any aftermarket upgrade will increase your 4Runner’s value.


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