4 Tips for Routing LED Light Wiring on Your Toyota Tundra

4 Tips for Routing LED Light Wiring on Your Toyota Tundra

Customizing your Toyota Tundra with unique lighting accessories is a fun way to add your own personal touch to your vehicle. Taking on your own lighting installation can be a challenge without the right knowledge. Here are four tips you should know for routing LED light wiring on your Toyota Tundra.

Check Your Inventory

Before you begin any wiring project, it’s important to ensure you have all the right tools and parts to install your accessories. For most general lighting installations, you’ll need a drill, screwdrivers, wrenches, socket and ratchet, rulers, a marker or pencil, and scissors. Pay close attention to the tools and supplies your professional lighting kit or manufacturer notes recommend.

Follow Lighting Guides

When you complete DIY wiring projects on your vehicle, it’s critical that you follow a professional guide or walkthrough. Incorrect wiring can lead to lighting failure or damage to your new accessories. Instead of going in blind, make sure to review the manual that comes with your lighting accessories or contact the manufacturer for instructions. Here at Trail Grid Pro, we provide detailed guides and installation instructions for our Toyota Tundra accessories, including lighting models.

Decide Where To Route Your Wires

There are several methods for routing your wires to connect to your vehicle’s new LED lights. The first method is to run wires underneath your vehicle and secure them with wire ties. This is one of the easier methods of routing wires, but it also leaves them more exposed to the elements.

Another method is to weave the wire through your truck’s frame. This keeps it more protected from the elements but makes troubleshooting electrical issues more difficult later without the ease of access. With the right tools, you can even run your wires through the truck’s interior, which helps protect them and keep them accessible. However, this method is more difficult and requires more alterations. No matter where you choose to run your wiring, always keep it away from parts that could easily pinch or burn them, such as suspension parts and exhaust pipes.

Test Your Lights

Make sure you test your lights before you perform all the work of putting your grill or headlights back together, only to find that something went wrong. Reconnect your vehicle’s battery and switch your lighting to the ON position. Certain lights may illuminate when you start your vehicle, or they may be switch-operated. Depending on the type of lights you install, test them by starting the vehicle or via remote control. If the lighting works and the placement is accurate, you can power them down and reassemble your Tundra’s parts.

Remember these four major tips for routing LED wiring through your Toyota Tundra for your next lighting project. And if you’re looking for lighting accessories complete with installation guides, browse our selection of Tundra accessories here at Trail Grid Pro.


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