3 of the Best Overlanding Routes in the US

3 of the Best Overlanding Routes in the US

Overlanding is an incredible time outdoors, but it can be time consuming. This means you have to choose each trail carefully, but how do you prioritize one trail over the other? The United States is full of beautifully diverse landscapes to travel through. Read the list below to find three of the best overlanding routes in the US you should visit.

The Alpine Loop

One of the best routes to visit resides in Silverton, Colorado. The Alpine Loop benefits from the local terrain, which offers awe-inspiring mountains and vibrant green trees. An added benefit of The Alpine Loop is that it is accessible to most overlanders, as the trail doesn’t require a long trek with ample equipment. This route is relatively easy for overlanding, so consider the Alpine Loop if you don’t want to plan a particularly long trip.

The Continental Divide

If you’re looking for a long trek across America, then the Continental Divide is the first route you should consider. Overlanding is often a large-scale adventure through the wilderness. The Continental Divide provides the perfect means for this adventure, as it takes overlanders from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada.

The Continental Divide boasts 3,100 miles of stunning landscapes in New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho. Of course, you don’t have to plan a trip across the entire trail. With so much trail to ride on the Continental Divide, you can fine-tune your trip to meet your preferences and time constraints.

The Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway is in Alaska, and it’s definitely a trek that requires ample preparation. This 414-mile route can get tricky if you don’t prep because gas stations are scarce along the gravel roads. In addition, overlanders frequently experience flat tires on The Dalton Highway, so carry supplies for repairs. This won’t be the easiest overlanding trip you’ll ever have, but it’s certainly one you will remember, thanks to the distance, the challenge, and the incredible Alaskan terrain.

Now that you have this glimpse into the best overlanding routes in the US, start planning your next trip to see them up close. And before you go, browse our Toyota truck parts for any upgrades you may need to make for the trip ahead. Even short overlanding trips require equipment that will keep you safe and prepared, and Trail Grid Pro can help!


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