What To Pack in Your Truck for an Overlanding Trip

What To Pack in Your Truck for an Overlanding Trip

Now that the weather is getting cooler, many campers are planning overlanding trips for the coming fall season. Fall is one of the best times for taking scenic overlanding drives and camping out at your favorite parks and campsites. However, if you’re new to overlanding, you might not be familiar with all the essential gear and supplies to bring. Keep reading to learn what to pack in your truck for your upcoming overlanding trip. These are essential supplies you won’t want to forget, whether it’s your first or fortieth overlanding experience.

First-Aid Kit

Safety should always come first when it comes to packing for your road trips. Make sure you have a dedicated first-aid kit for your overlanding vehicle. Having a dedicated kit in your vehicle will help ensure that you always have emergency first-aid supplies when you need them, even while on the road. An effective first-aid kit should include bandages, alcohol swabs, painkillers, antibacterial ointment, and other over-the-counter medication and supplies. When camping, hiking, and participating in other outdoor activities, minor cuts and scrapes are common, which is why having plenty of bandages and painkillers is crucial for your comfort.

Safety Gear

You never know what can happen on the road during an overlanding trip. It’s important to prepare for everything, including emergencies. Be sure to pack the proper safety gear you could need on your trip. Consider everything from fire extinguishers and fire blankets to tow ropes and jumper cables. Jumper cables are especially helpful when traveling with a pack of vehicles—which is always wise, especially for first-time overlanding drivers. Jumper cables and tow ropes allow you to jumpstart your vehicle if its battery dies or pull it out of a pothole or ditch you may maneuver into.

Camping Gear/Supplies

Depending on where you plan to stay the nights while you’re out on the road, you may need to pack your camping essentials. Some overlanders choose to take breaks in hotels or trailers, but many drivers travel between campsites while overlanding. If you’re a camping fan, be sure to pack everything you typically need for a successful camping trip, such as your tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, cooking supplies, and other essentials.

Some overlanding companies offer pop-up tents that you can attach directly to your overlanding vehicle, allowing you to camp with ease. Some manufacturers also create fold-out tents that attach to the side of your vehicle to provide more room and support while remaining at ground level.

Fuel, Water, and Food

Food and water are some of the first things you should pack when considering an overlanding trip, especially if you’re camping overnight. When overlanding in remote locations, it can be difficult to find restaurants, fast food places, and even gas stations. You’ll want to make sure both you and your vehicle have enough fuel for the journey, so don’t forget to calculate how much you’ll need per day of your trip. Prioritize non-perishable foods so that you don’t have to worry about your food supplies going bad. If you bring a cooler to stock perishables, keep it stocked with ice and monitor its temperature throughout the trip.

Fire-Starting Tools/Stove

When overlanding and camping during the fall months, you’ll need a source of heat to stay warm. Being able to build a fire or set up a portable stove will also help ensure you have a heat source for cooking during your travels. If you’re familiar with building fires, pack some matches and kindling as starters. You could also bring a portable stove or fire pit for easy cooking and heat access.

However, before you settle down and start crafting a fire or lighting your portable stove, make sure you check the local fire safety rules. Some areas that are prone to wildfires may have stricter fire-starting rules or may restrict lighting fires altogether. Always check with local camping guidelines before starting any heat sources.

Trusty Toolbox

You should pack a set of essential tools on your overlanding trips for the same reason you should carry safety accessories. Having tools on hand helps you make emergency repairs on the road. Make sure your toolkit comes with vehicle maintenance essentials such as socket wrenches, spanners, a hydraulic jack, a crowbar, and anything else you commonly use for vehicle repairs.

Spare Parts for Your Vehicle

Downtime due to a vehicle breakdown can bring your overlanding journey to a screeching halt. If you want to avoid calling a mechanic or tow company to come pick you up on the road, consider packing the spare parts you might need. With the right tools and parts, you may be able to fix some simple issues on your own. For example, bringing a spare tire or replacement light could be a quick fix on your own and get you back on the road in minutes. Consider picking up a few replacement parts to help you avoid downtime on your journey.

How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Overlanding

Now that you know everything to pack in your truck for an overlanding trip, you’re probably itching to get out on the road. But another important aspect of overlanding is to make sure your vehicle is up to the task. Some vehicles are better for overlanding than others. For example, if you have an older model truck, you may want to make some upgrades to ensure it’s fit for overlanding conditions. Fortunately, you can find a wide variety of truck parts and upgrades at Trail Grid Pro. We offer Toyota Tundra accessories and parts for many other common overlanding truck models. Browse our website to find the perfect aftermarket upgrades that get your vehicle ready for outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re preparing for your first overlanding trip or you’re a seasoned overlander, using a packing checklist is a smart way to ensure you have everything you need. Follow this guide to promote a safe trip and stay protected on the road. And don’t forget to check out Trail Grid Pro for upgrades for your vehicle. We even offer storage upgrades such as roof racks and more to help your vehicle hold all the packing essentials you need for your travels.

What To Pack in Your Truck for an Overlanding Trip
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