Morimoto Gen II Tail Lights Installation Guide | 2010-2024 4Runner

Morimoto Gen II Tail Lights Installation Guide | 2010-2024 4Runner

Here is a simple and easy breakdown of how to install you new
Morimoto Gen II Tail Lights from Trail Grid Pro!

The install video below showcases the Gen 1 Tail Lights but the installation is exactly the same for the Gen II. 

Installation Video


Tools Needed: 

  • 10mm socket
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Socket extension
  • Panel removal tool

Step 1

Check the packaging and make sure it hasn’t been damaged; then check out the parts to make sure they are intact and ready to go.

You will have: 2x Tail Light Assemblies

Step 2

Read all the 4Runner installation directions and read this important message from the manufacturer.

Step 3

Open rear hatch.

Step 4

Remove panels behind taillights. Insert a panel tool or small flat head screw driver into slot to pry open cover.

Step 5

Disconnect wiring harness and remove light bulbs by twisting.

Step 6

Remove two 10mm nuts.

Step 7

From outside, pull with firm pressure towards rear of truck to remove light housing.

Step 8

Install new taillight, being sure to align the tab along the outside of the quarter panel.

Step 9

Secure the two 10mm nuts, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!

Step 10

Connect wiring harness to Morimoto tail light.

Step 11

Check all functions, to include running lights, brake light, reverse light and sequential turn signals.

Step 12

Replace the panel covers.

Congratulations on installing your new Morimoto Gen II Taillights!

Step back and take a look at those beauties! The Morimoto XB LED Tail Lights not only add to your vehicle’s overall aesthetic (a.k.a. coolness) but now you will be safer on and off the road.

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