The 4 Best Types of Lighting To Add Onto Your Truck

The 4 Best Types of Lighting To Add Onto Your Truck

Adding lights to your truck is a small but impactful customization you can make to your vehicle. Whether your goal is increased visibility or a new appearance, aftermarket lights can give your vehicle the upgrade you desire. If you’re ready to upgrade your truck’s lighting, keep reading to learn the four best types of lighting to add to your Toyota truck.

Upgraded Headlights

Upgrading your stock halogen headlights to LED headlights has many benefits. When off-roading, LED headlights provide brighter light, improving visibility. Furthermore, LED lights have a longer lifespan and won’t need replacements as quickly as their halogen counterparts. Replacing your headlights is simple, so upgrading your headlights is a great first customization project for your truck.

LED Light Bars

Sometimes headlights alone don’t provide enough light when off-roading at night. LED light bars come in various sizes and intensities, making getting the extra illumination you want easy. You can also mount light bars in different ways depending on your preferences. Here are some of the options:

  • Bumper mounts
  • Roof mounts
  • Behind-the-grille mounts

Though each mounting method has advantages and disadvantages, all approaches offer increased visibility while off-roading.

Aftermarket Taillights

Aftermarket taillights are great upgrades for truck owners who want to make their trucks more visually striking. Though upgraded taillights may not impact your visibility, they’ll be visible to those behind you. Like headlights, taillights are easy to install. They make for a simple customization that can greatly impact your truck’s visual uniqueness.

Fog Lights

The stock Toyota Tacoma fog lights use halogen bulbs. Replacing your fog lights with LED lights will offer improved visibility and a longer lifespan to your fog lights. You can replace the entire fog light housing and bulb or just the bulb, depending on the lighting kit you purchase.

Before you get any of the four best types of lighting to add to your Toyota truck to your vehicle, check out local and state laws. In some states, some lighting customizations aren’t street legal. Once you’re ready to add new lighting to your truck, visit Trail Grid Pro. Our site offers a wide selection of Toyota Tacoma accessories online. Visit our shop to find the right lights for your truck.

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