Sony 6000 Bundle Installation Guide | 2007-2013 Tundra

Sony 6000 Bundle Installation Guide | 2007-2013 Tundra
Here is a simple and easy breakdown of how to install you new
Sony 6000 Plug & Play Bundle from Trail Grid Pro!

Tools Needed:
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Panel removal tool
  • 10 mm socket
  • Socket extension
  • Ratchet wrench
  • T20 torx bit
Step 1

Disassembly of the dash:
  • Remove the insert from the center console storage tray.
  • Remove the cup holder by pulling straight up.
  • Open the center console armrest.
    • Use a panel removal tool to lift up on the center console trim.
    • Lift up and out to remove the pressure clips holding in the trim.
  • Remove the phillips head screw retainer located on the bottom of the center console near the driver seat.
    • Unscrew the phillips head screw and lift the retainer out with a panel removal tool. Place the retainer to the side, you will need to reinstall it later.
  • Remove the shifter handle by twisting counter-clockwise.
  • Set the emergency brake.
  • With your foot on the service brake, place the key in the ignition and place the truck in accessory power, this will allow you to put the truck in gear moving the shifter out of the way.
  • Lift up on the trim panel surrounding the shifter to remove.
  • Disconnect any connectors by depressing the tab.
  • Place the shifter back in Park and turn the truck off, remove the key.
  • Lift out on the dash trim that surrounds the steering column.
    • Pull out on the trim near the fan switch to loosen the panel, you do not need to fully remove.
  • Pull out to remove the panel containing the cigarette lighter.
    • Disconnect the connectors by depressing the tabs.
  • Remove the HVAC panel by pulling straight back towards you.
    • Disconnect the connector by depressing the tabs.
  • Remove four 10mm bolts that secure the radio into the dash.
    • Two are located further back on the sides, so an extension is recommended.
  • Remove the radio by pulling straight back towards you and disconnect all connections from the back of the radio by depressing the tabs.
Step 2

Transfer parts from factory radio to aftermarket radio:
  • Remove and transfer the two yellow clips and the one white clip from the top of the radio to your new dash kit.
Step 3

Installing the Sony microphone:
  • Install the provided Sony microphone in the overhead console our Trail Grid Pro microphone mount:
  • Open the sunglasses storage, remove the two T20 torx screws
  • Open the card slot and remove the two T20 torx screws
  • Use a panel tool to remove the light lens. Pry out on the light from the bottom of the lens near the furthest back cubby. Remove the metal defuser plate by prying out and remove the two T20 torx screws.
  • Lower the headliner console and disconnect the wiring harness by depressing the tab.
  • Remove the grey factory microphone and disconnect the wiring harness.
  • Insert the provided microphone into the microphone mount
  • Place the mount into the factory microphone location.
  • Route the Sony microphone cable through the headliner towards the windshield.
  • Lift the head liner console into place, reconnect the one connection and line up the six mounting locations.
  • Replace the six T20 screws that secure the head liner console.
  • Route the wire towards the drivers side A-pillar, tucking the wire up into the head liner.
  • Route the wire behind the plastic A-pillar trim and down the A-pillar behind the door seal.
  • Remove the door sill by pulling straight up.
  • Remove the kick panel cover by removing the twist on retainer along the inside.
  • Remove the 10mm bolt that secures the bottom of the dash and run the wire behind the dash. Re-secure the 10mm bolt.
  • Route the wire under the dash and towards the opening in the dash for the head unit.
  • Replace any panels that were removed.
  • Install the provided Sony microphone on top of the steering column:
  • Use the pedestal mount and the double sided tape to mount the microphone.
  • Route the wire inside of the dash and towards the opening for the radio.
Step 4

Installing cables and antennas:
  • OBD2 harness
    • The large black connector will connect to the OBD2 plug under the drivers side dash. The small connector will need to be routed inside the dash and towards the opening for the radio.
  • Navigation antenna
    • In your install parts bag is the navigation antenna. We recommend mounting the antenna in 1 of 2 places.
    • If you have a center speaker: The cover can be removed and the antenna can mounted using the attached double sided tape just in front of the center speaker.
    • If you do not have a center speaker: The antenna can be mounted in the corner of the dash near the windshield. The antenna wire can than be routed along the door opening behind the door seal, under the dash and towards the opening for the radio.
  • USB/AUX Adapter
    • In your install parts bag is a USB adapter. This will fit into one of the switch blanks in the panel containing your cigarette plug. You can also remove any existing AUX plug and use that location.
    • Remove your preferred location, route the USB and AUX wire though the front of the opening and pull the slack towards the inside of the dash.
    • Connect the USB from the adapter to the USB adapter attached to your Sony 8500 bundle. We recommend securing with tape.
    • The AUX cable will not be used, so it can be tucked away.
Step 5

Installing the chassis of the bundle:
  • Connect the factory vehicle connectors. These are keyed plugs so they will only fit their match. If you have connections that do not match, there are other adapters in the parts bag that came with your bundle.
  • Connect the AM/FM antenna from your vehicle into the back of the radio.
  • Connect the microphone wire that you ran into the microphone port on the back of the radio.
  • Connect the OBD2 cable to the harness coming from the radio.
  • Connect the navigation antenna to the back of the radio.
  • Once you have all of the connections made, gently tuck all the wires into the dash.
  • Line up the retaining clips and push the dash kit into place. Secure with two if the factory 10mm bolts. You can place the other two 10mm bolts back in their original location for safe keeping.
Step 6

Test the functionality:
  • Insert your key and place the vehicle in accessory power.
  • If you unit does not power on, press the home button on the button bar. Sometimes you need to press the home button for the first power up, after that the unit will power on with the vehicle.
  • After the Sony logo disappears a setting menu will appear:
    • Set the date and time
    • Turn off demo mode and than press confirm
  • Test your steering wheel controls
  • Test your backup camera (If applicable)
    • With your foot on the brake, shift to reverse
    • You can also select Rear Cam on the screen to show the backup camera
  • Check AM/FM radio and check to make sure that sound is coming from all speakers.
  • Check your Sirius XM tuner:
Once the Sirius XM Tuner is correctly connected, you should receive channel 1 (Sirius XM Advertisement Channel) on the radio.

At this point you will need to contact Sirius XM to activate or transfer your existing service plan to the new tuner ID.

The tuner ID can be found in 3 locations: On the tuner itself, on channel zero when listening to Sirius XM or on the Sirius XM box located in your spare parts bag.

Step 7

Reassemble your Tundra:
  • Make connections to the HVAC control panel, work it behind the steering wheel trim and push into place.
  • Secure the steering wheel trim panel.
  • Replace the connection on the lower cubby and push it back into place.
  • With your foot on the service brake, shift the vehicle to make room for replacing the shifter trim. Make any connections to the shifter trim and replace the trim panel.
  • Shift the vehicle into park and shut off power.
  • Replace the phillips head screw retainer by pushing the pin into place and tighten the phillips head screw.
  • Replace the shift knob.
  • Open the center console and replace the cup holder assembly.
  • Replace the cup holder insert and cover plate.

Congratulations on installing your new
Sony 6000 Plug & Play Bundle!

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