Non-TRD Pro LED Grille Lights Installation Guide | 2020-2023 4Runner

Non-TRD Pro LED Grille Lights Installation Guide | 2020-2023 4Runner
Here is a simple and easy breakdown of how to install you new
White or Amber LED Grille Lights from Trail Grid Pro!

Tools Needed:

  • Zip ties
  • Cutters
  • 10 mm socket
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Crimpers or pliers

Step 1:

Installation of the Amber or White Grille Lights:

  • Open hood and secure.
  • Place the lights into the upper grille:
    • There are 2 different size lights. The lights with the larger brackets go towards the outside and the smaller brackets go on either side of the Toyota logo. 
    • Insert the light harness through the opening in the grille and push the lights into place until they snap in place. Repeat for all four lights. 

Step 2:

Installation of the power harness:

  • Connect the power harness to each of the four grille lights. 
  • Route the harness towards and behind the driver side headlight and towards the fuse panel. 
  • Crimp the add-a-fuse onto the red power wire. 
  • Use a 10 mm socket to remove the factory ground bolt located on the inside of the driver side fender.
    • Attach the ring terminal on the black ground wire. 
    • Secure the ground bolt. 
  • Select a fuse location that has switched power (ie only gets power when the vehicle is turned on)
    • We recommend the 10 amp INJ. 
    • Make sure that you have 2 fuses in the add-a-fuse before inserting it into the selected fuse location. 
    • You may choose to cut a small notch in the lid of the fuse box cover to accommodate the power wire. 

Step 3:

Test your new grille lights:

  • If you selected a fuse location that is on switched power the lights should turn on and off with your vehicle. 
  • Clean up any loose wires with zip ties as needed. 

Congratulations on installing your new
White or Amber LED Grille lights!

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