Luno Cargo Hammock Installation Guide | Universal Fitment

Luno Cargo Hammock Installation Guide | Universal Fitment

Storage On The Go & In Camp 

Tools Needed:
  • None, it's all been provided by Luno

Step 1

Setup for your cargo hammock:

  • Open doors and rear hatch.
  • Orient the cargo hammock so that the "Front of Vehicle" logo is faced towards the headliner and towards the front of the vehicle. 
  • Attached the straps to the grab handles over each door:
    • If your vehicle has a grab handle over each passenger door, you can use all four.
    • If your vehicle is missing a front grab handle, the straps can both be attached to the grab handles over the rear passenger doors. 
  • Unzip the main storage pocket and stretch out the cargo hammock.
    • Unclip the rear clips and use them to loop around the rear hatch hinges.
    • You can also attached the corded straps to the rear clothing hooks. In our 4Runner we loosened the 10mm bolt and secured the cords behind the clothing hook. 

Step 2

Packing the hammock:

  • Release the clips from the grab handles and rear hatch. 
  • Fold or roll the hammock towards the storage case. 

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