Luno Air Mattress Installation Guide | 2003-2024 4Runner

Luno Air Mattress Installation Guide | 2003-2024 4Runner

Sleep In Style! 

Tools Needed:
  • None, it's all been provided by Luno!

Step 1

Making room:

  • Clear out your gear.
  • Fold down the back seats.

Step 2

Setting up your mattress:

  • Open the bag to find the included air pump.
  • Unroll the air mattress, making sure that the Luno logo is right side up. 
  • Plug the 12V power adapter from the pump into a power source.
    • You will need your truck to be on to power the onboard outlets located in the rear of the 4Runners. 
  • Make sure that the deflation valves are closed. 
  • Inflate one or both sides of the air mattress using the inflation port.
  • Once the desired firmness is achieved, close the inflation ports.
  • Make your bed and enjoy a great nights sleep!

Step 3

Packing away:

  • Clear your bedding.
  • Open the deflation ports and roll the mattress to press out any air. 
  • Place back in the bag, don't forget to put the air pump back. 

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