HDMI/USB Adapter Installation Guide | Universal Fitment

HDMI/USB Adapter Installation Guide | Universal Fitment
Here is a simple and easy breakdown of how to install you new
HDMI/USB Adapter from Trail Grid Pro!
Tools Needed: 
  • Panel removal tool

Step 1

Find your preferred mounting location:

  • Find an appropriate sized switch blank in the area in which you would like to mount the adapter. 
  • If you currently do not have any available switch blanks, there are a few switches or connectors that can be removed and reconnected behind the dash. For example: Glass break (security sensor) or the auto high beam dimmer. 

Step 2

Make access:

  • To access your preferred mounting location you may need to remove panels or make access to the mounting location. This will vary depending on vehicle and where you want to mount the adapter. 
  • Once you have made access to the mounting location, remove the switch blank. 

Step 3

Mounting the adapter:

  • Place the HDMI and USB cables through the face of the trim panel and pull the slack towards the interior of the dash.
  • Push the adapter into place, it should snap into place.
  • Route the wire towards your aftermarket radio.
    • Connect the HDMI to the HDMI in on your Alpine head unit bundle
    • Connect the USB to one of the USB's from your radio. 

Congratulations on installing your new
HDMI/USB Adapter!

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