8 Upgrades Every Off-Road Toyota Truck Needs

8 Upgrades Every Off-Road Toyota Truck Needs

Off-roading is a great pastime for thrill seekers and nature lovers. However, drivers need to make sure they have a vehicle that’s as ready for adventure as they are. Though Toyota trucks make great off-roading vehicles, they need upgrades before they veer off the beaten path. Read on to learn about eight upgrades every off-road Toyota truck needs.

Off-Road Tires

If you’re still driving on stock tires, one of your first upgrades for your off-roading Toyota truck should be replacing them with off-road tires. As their name suggests, off-road tires offer traction on a range of off-road surfaces, including mud and dirt. All-terrain tires are another option. Although all-terrain tires may not have as much traction as off-road tires and are best for light off-road conditions, they’ll work just as well on the highway as stock tires.

Larger Wheels

When you upgrade your tires to off-road tires, you should also consider moving to a larger wheel and tire size. Larger wheels and tires provide additional grip, giving you additional control and stability when driving over rough terrain. Taller wheels will also help lift your truck off the ground, providing additional clearance and thus protecting your vehicle’s undercarriage from damage.

A Suspension Upgrade

Upgraded suspension is crucial for a smooth, comfortable off-roading experience. Drivers should consider lifting their suspension and upgrading their shocks before off-roading.

Lift Your Suspension

Off-roading vehicles will encounter a range of hazards. Giving your Toyota truck a suspension lift will ensure it has enough clearance from the ground to avoid rocks, branches, and other obstacles. After upgrading your suspension, you will be able to maneuver across uneven terrain and clear obstacles easily without damaging your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Replace Your Shocks

Upgrading your vehicle’s shocks will make off-roading a comfortable and enjoyable experience. As you drive over uneven terrain, your truck’s springs and shocks will absorb some of the bounce. After-market shock absorbers suit the level of uneven terrain off-road drivers can expect to face, providing a much better ride than stock shock absorbers can.

Add Extra Storage

Upgrading your truck’s storage will make packing for your off-roading trips a breeze. Roof racks and truck bed organizers are both storage upgrades off-roaders will love.

Truck Bed Organizers

Truck bed organizers will help you make the most of the space your vehicle already offers for storage. As an added benefit, many truck bed storage units, such as drawers, bins, and racks, will protect your cargo and keep your supplies from bouncing around during your off-roading trip.

Roof Racks

Even with storage solutions optimizing your storage space, your truck’s interior and bed only have so much space available. A roof rack utilizes the top of your vehicle to offer additional storage space. Whether you are looking to pack a tent, camping gear, or clothing in duffel bags, roof racks help you bring everything you need. Just be sure to check your roof rack’s weight limit before you pack.

Stronger or Additional Lights

While stock headlights are strong enough for day-to-day drives, they won’t be enough for off-road drives in complete darkness. Off-roaders should improve their lights to ensure full visibility and safety when off-roading at night. Consider upgrading the headlights or adding additional light sources to your truck.

Upgraded Headlights

LED and HID headlights can give truck drivers the most illumination when off-roading. Though both are great options for truck drivers seeking additional light, LED lights are the more popular choice because they have a significantly longer lifespan than HIDs.

Additional Lights

You can mount lights to your truck for additional visibility. Common places to mount lights include the roof and grille. Depending on where you plan to mount additional lights and the types of lights you buy, additional lighting can be used for various purposes. For example, you can install fog lights beneath your headlight’s low-light beams for additional visibility in foggy weather. Additional lights can also improve your truck’s aesthetics and give you a unique-looking vehicle that stands out.

Upgrading your headlights and adding additional lighting can be extremely beneficial for your off-roading experience, but not all parts will work for your needs. There are several laws regarding vehicle lighting. Before upgrading your truck’s headlights, look into your state and city’s vehicle lighting rules.

Rock Sliders

Rock sliders are a must if you’re off-roading in rocky terrain. Rock sliders are thick steel shields that protect the side of your vehicle from rocks, branches, and other obstacles that could scrape or damage your doors. Rock sliders are a worthwhile investment, as they may prevent you from needing to replace or repair a door frame down the line.

Front and Back Bumpers

Like rock sliders, after-market bumpers keep your truck in top shape on off-roading adventures. Stock bumpers protect your truck in low-impact scenarios, such as a small accident. When off-roading, you increase your risk of subjecting your truck to a strong impact from a rock, tree, or other obstacle. Off-roading bumpers withstand strong impact and keep your truck safe in the event of an off-roading collision.

A Winch

Even the most experienced off-road drivers may find themselves stuck from time to time. Winches are tools you can attach to your truck that allow you to pull it out of tricky terrain. Though winches aren’t necessary accessories for vehicles used on highways and well-maintained roads, they can be an essential upgrade for off-roading trucks. You might not need to use your winch every time you take your truck on an off-roading trip, but you’ll be grateful for it if you find yourself stuck.

Now that you know the eight upgrades every off-road Toyota truck needs before off-roading, you can get your stock vehicle ready to hit the trails. Whether you want to upgrade your lights or bumpers first, our 4Runner shop has the accessories and upgrades you need to build your dream off-roading truck. Before you head out on your first trip, remember to stock your vehicle with rescue and repair items in case of any incidents. Enjoy your adventure!

8 Upgrades Every Off-Road Toyota Truck Needs
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