4 Tips for Optimizing Storage in Your Overlanding Vehicle

4 Tips for Optimizing Storage in Your Overlanding Vehicle

Do you tend to pack heavily for overlanding trips? Travelling long distances, camping, and the whole overlanding process often requires lots of supplies, which can fill up your overlanding vehicle quickly. If you’re looking for ways to optimize storage in your overlanding vehicle, here are four key tips you should know.

Choose a Vehicle With Effective Storage Options

First, the best way to optimize the storage in your overlanding vehicle is to choose a model that offers suitable storage. When choosing a vehicle for overlanding, many consumers get hung up on specifications like the suspension and tire size. You must not forget to consider aspects of the interior such as its dimensions and storage capacity. If you want to maximize your storage space without getting a new vehicle, there are a few ways to do this.

Install a Roof Rack

Installing a roof rack is one of the best upgrades you can make to your overlanding vehicle. A roof rack utilizes the rails on the top of your vehicle and provides a base and crossbars for extra storage. Not only does this addition provide more storage space, but it also makes it easier to transport common overlanding supplies, such as tents, camping gear, and the rest of your supplies. You can even expand your roof rack to make it more accessible by adding a ladder on the back of your truck.

Invest in Overlanding Gear Boxes

Ran out of room for storage in your vehicle’s interior? With overlanding storage boxes, you can safely store your belongings outside your vehicle in your bumper basket attachment, roof rack, or trailer. These storage boxes protect your belongings from weather, overlanding trail debris, and other harsh elements during your trip. With an overlanding gear box, all your items will be safe and dry when you reach your destination.

Optimize Your Packing Layout

Once you have everything packed away for your trip, you don’t want to waste time rummaging around to find the items you need most. Optimize your packing layout by keeping the items you’ll need during the trip closest to you. Store anything you won’t need until you reach your destination on your roof rack or other exterior attachments.

Remember these four tips to optimize storage in your overlanding vehicle for your next road trip. And if you’re interested in upgrading your vehicle to maximize your storage potential, you can find roof racks and other accessories at our 4Runner shop at Trail Grid Pro.

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