2020 - 2021 Tundra Alpine Head Unit Installation Guide

2020 - 2021 Tundra Alpine Head Unit Installation Guide

This installation guide is intended to assist you in installing the following Alpine Tundra head unit bundles:

Before installing your Alpine Tundra bundle please read the entire installation guide below and also watch the corresponding installation videos within this guide. 

Installation videos

After installing your Alpine Tundra bundle, please make sure to also view the advanced set up video below to dial in your Alpine audio system even more!

Installing Your Alpine Bundle

Step 1: Remove your factory head unit (11:53)

  • Remove switch panel under HVAC section of dash (you will not need to disconnect anything, just allow it to hang down against the cup holder section of your center console)
  • Remove your HVAC assembly and disconnect the HVAC connector.
  • Remove the 4 factory 10mm bolts under the factory radio.
  • Gently pull out your factory radio and remove all connections from the rear of the radio. 

Step 2: Install the body of the bundle (14:33)

This consists of the head unit and our custom wiring harness. If you've purchased the iLX-F509 or iLX-F511 bundles this will include the rear chassis of the bundle including our custom wiring harness only - not the screen portion (yet).  

  • Make all of your “main” vehicle connections as noted in the diagram below. For 2020 - 2021 Tundra's you will be making 3 main vehicle connections (16:39).

After making your main vehicle connectors outlined above, please make sure to also connect the following: 

Do not power on your head unit until all of your connections have been made. Doing so will cause the Maestro module to calibrate incorrectly. 

Sirius/XM: If you've selected to maintain your SiriusXM satellite connection you will need to contact SiriusXM after installation to have them send your subscription signal to your new SiriusXM radio ID which is located on the side of your new SiriusXM module box. 

Step 3: Attach the Alpine Screen (23:26)

  • Attach the Alpine screen to your body
  • Apply your 4 screws to secure your screen to the body of your bundle (27:01)
  • Put your power plate into position (27:16)
  • Apply your cover plate over the power plate and secure it in position with the provided two screws (27:21)

Step 4: Reassemble Dash (28:06)

  • Secure your factory 10mm bolts
  • Reassemble your HVAC control
  • Reassemble your switch panel
  • Fire up your head unit and be sure to turn on your rear camera functionality (25:01)
  • To access the settings menu on your new Alpine head unit you'll need to activate your emergency brake, release it, and then activate it again. If after completing those steps your settings menu is still grayed out - simply enter the AM/FM function on the Alpine home screen and then enter the settings menu on the lower right on the screen. 
  • Boom! You're done! Take a moment and bask in all your glory! 

Maestro Troubleshooting

  • Maestro RR Reset Procedure: To reset your Maestro RR module, simply watch this video and follow the instructions with your Maestro module.
  • Maestro RR Flash Procedure: To reflash your Maestro RR module, please watch this video and follow the instructions. (1) Remove all plugs from Maestro RR - it's a best practice to take a picture off the location of all the plugs prior to removing them to ensure you secure them in the correct location after you're done flashing your module. (2) Use the USB cable (micro USB to USB-A) in your "extra parts" bag to connection your Maestro RR module to a computer (MAC or PC) (3) Visit the Maestro website and press the "Flash My Module" button in the upper right hand corner and follow the prompts for your vehicle and radio type. (4) Follow the instructions in the video to flash your module - don't be alarmed that the website version in the video looks outdated - the process still applies to the current Maestro website. (5) When flashing is complete, reinstall your Maestro module by plugging all the connectors you removed in Step 1.

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