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Acceleration Modes

Eco Mode: Maximizes fuel economy up to 20% over stock 4Runner & Tacoma ratings. The significantly reduced throttle response promotes better traction over off-road terrains, such as rain, snow, mud and dirt. Also acts as a valet mode to control a drivers ability to accelerate. 

To activate Eco mode, press and hold the white star button for 3 seconds.


Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander City Mode

City Mode: The first stage that provides the more active throttle response, which is perfect for daily 4Runner & Tacoma driving. Many say this is the mode that Toyota’s should have arrived from the factory.

City mode gives a response of an old-school throttle cable, with a 1:1 pedal-to-throttle acceleration ratio – this is the recommended mode to drive in normal day-to-day traffic.

Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander Sport Mode

Sport Mode: The most spirited driving mode which is where the fun really begins! This is the highest suggested mode to use while driving your 4Runner or Tacoma around town and in traffic. 

Sport mode sends a signal approximately 70% faster than stock! 

Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander Sport+ Mode

Sport+ Mode: Get ready to crank. Sport+ gives your 4Runner or Tacoma the response and acceleration of (seemingly) being in a race car. If you need to get going super quick – this is the place to be. Or, if you just want to have some fun, hang out here for a bit. 

Use with caution! 

Switching Modes

Star Button: 

  • Press to turn on the Pedal Commander unit
  • Press multiple times to cycle through City, Sport & Sport+ (for Eco, see below)
  • To turn off the Pedal Commander, cycle through modes until the red light is off.  

Eco Mode: 

  • To activate Eco Mode, hold down the star button for 3 seconds 

Sensitivity Buttons: 

  • Use the “-” and “+” button to increase and decrease sensitivity 
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