2010-2013 4Runner Sony 9500ES Installation Guide
4Runner Sony 9500ES

By: Cliff John, Trail Grid Pro

This installation guide is intended to be used to assist you during the installation of your

2010-2013 Sony 9500ES 4Runner Plug and Play Bundle from Trail Grid Pro.

Installation Videos

Sony Bundle Installation Video

4Runner Microphone Install

Installing your bundle

1. The Body – Consists of the head unit and our custom wiring harness.

You’re going to install this first.

  • Make all your vehicle connections as noted in the document below. Shown below are the vehicle connectors you’ll be using for your installation, which are the 4 or 6 factory looking connectors from the Maestro RR module.
  • All the plugs are keyed plugs, which means they only fit their match on the Toyota side. All you’re doing is matching plugs – it may look like a lot of wires but it’s simple.
  • Your bundle will arrive with the OBD harness attached to the back of your bundle. It will need to be plugged in to the OBD port under your steering column in order to retain your: backup camera functionality (if applicable), gauges (if applicable) and more! This is not shown in the video but you will need to complete this step before powering on your head unit. 
  • DO NOT POWER ON YOUR HEAD-UNIT BEFORE ALL CONNECTIONS ARE MADE. This will cause an error when the Maestro module is trying to calibrate to your vehicle.

More Install Tips Regarding The Components Of Your Sony Bundle

2. The Dash Kit - Your New Silver or Charcoal Metra 4Runner Dash Cover. 

You’re going to install this second.

  • Transfer your vents, trim pieces, and install the hazard button trim to the dash kit just like in the video below.
  • Small yellow clips: Please use the small yellow tab clips provided with our bundle to attach to the four tabs on the back of our dash kit. They are more robust than the factory clips and hold our bundle more securely.
  • Make sure to connect the hazard button wire before installing the dash kit into your dash, over the body of the bundle.

3. The 9500ES Screen

You’re going to install this last.

  1. Attach/slide the Sony 9500ES screen into the body.
  2. After placing the Sony 9500ES screen into the body, but before securing the screws in place, test all the functions of the radio before proceeding. 
  3. After you confirmed that the unit functions correctly, screw in the provided 4 silver screws, securing the Sony 9500 screen to the body (2 on each side of the neck of the Sony 9500ES). For this step, we recommend you use a magnetic tip Phillips-head screwdriver if you have it, as the two outside screws are set down further than the other two.
  4. Slide the small black cover on the neck of the Sony 9500ES toward you to line up the final screw location.
  5. Screw in the one black screw (in the middle of the neck of the Sony 9500ES).
  6. You have completed installation of your new Sony Bundle! Congratulations!

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